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Server Software - nicePass_server

Client Software - nicePassTM

To have a nicePassTM Server Software License complying with government regulations, server must have the following items ready ~

  • Registered domain name with registrant and tech e-mail account - to be checked from the public database; the tech e-mail account must be valid and active for receiving a license to activate nicePass_server.

  • Country - the server software will be installed.

  • Licensee type - government, commercial, or non-commercial.

For easier evaluation purpose, server software may be installed on a machine not set up with a registered domain name and use 'localhost' as the domain name.

However, the above info is still required for obtaining an evaluation license.

A simple console program needs to be prepared for nicePass_server to interface the server that administrates clients' accounts (called account server) ~

  • The program name must be interface_nicePass.exe

  • interface_nicePass.exe will be called by nicePass_server to query -

  • weather or not the account ID and password of an existing account is valid for enabling nicePassTM functions.

  • weather or not a new account name will be accepted by the account server.

  • a URL of web page for the client to access after the authentication for logon.

Download a coding sample of interface_nicePass.exe

Make sure the Internet socket port 9412 is opened for nicePass_server.


For opening a port in the Windows firewall, you may search for 'open a port in windows firewall' on the Internet.

There is no need to make any change of ports for the account server.

To enable nicePassTM features and discard passwords for your accounts, check with your account servers to ~

  • see if your account servers provide nicePassTM functionality.

  • find out how to make connection to the nicePassTM servers. (What are the URLs?)

For evaluation purpose, the client may communicate with a niceRaker's demo server.

Even if your account servers do not provide nicePassTM functionality, you may use nicePaMaTM included in nicePassTM as a password manager to logon accounts without hassles of managing passwords.

To use nicePaMaTM features for your accounts that require passwords, you need to prepare ~
  • URLs of web pages that you used to logon your accounts.
  • your account IDs
  • your account passwords

Browsers on your device will be searched automatically and a default one will be used that may be changed in 'Setup' window.


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